KIRSCH + MAUSSER GmbH is part of the PROBAT Group, the global market and technology leader for plants and machinery for the coffee and food industry. Not only are the headquarters of the two companies both located in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany, the companies also share a particular passion for coffee and a love of technology. KIRSCH + MAUSSER has been manufacturing roaster components for PROBAT since 1975. As of 2013, KIRSCH + MAUSSER has specialized entirely in the refurbishment and manufacture of UG retro, G45 retro, and G drum roasters, which were originally manufactured and invented in PROBAT’s production halls.

At KIRSCH + MAUSSER, “Made in Germany” is not merely a seal of quality, but a true description of the company’s day-to-day activities – nearly every step of the process is carried out at its facility in Emmerich. KIRSCH + MAUSSER works with its customers to design customized roasting solutions and produce the exact roaster each customer wants. In this context, a team of specialists manufactures every KIRSCH+ MAUSSER roaster with absolute precision and unwavering devotion.