Our specialists spend around 200 hours assembling a single KIRSCH + MAUSSER roaster, making each and every one of them truly unique. And our degree of vertical integration, which today can only be found in small workshops, is perhaps just as unique. KIRSCH + MAUSSER designs, develops, and manufactures almost all of its components in-house to ensure that they meet the highest standards. Each roasting drum is precisely measured, and the blades inside are positioned to the exact millimeter to ensure ideal convection and perfect roasting results. Even from a distance, KIRSCH + MAUSSER roasters are unmistakably one of a kind. Round shapes and clear lines, refined in the minds of our specialists, first transform into a cohesive whole at the hands of our roaster builders. This is exclusiveness you can not only see, but also taste. Despite always achieving reproducible results, every single cup served from beans roasted in a KIRSCH + MAUSSER roaster is a unique delight for the taste buds.

“Made in Germany” isn’t just a slogan at KIRSCH + MAUSSER. Almost every step of the production process is carried out manually at our facility in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany – meaning short distances, maximum precision, and perfect teamwork.

As in any state-of-the-art roaster, the control system is the key to tapping into its full functionality. And since our KIRSCH + MAUSSER specialists rely exclusively on their own judgment in this case as well, each control is set up individually on-site. The experts program every control from scratch for each new order, thereby ensuring that customers have complete control over their roasting process.To achieve maximum precision, we also use fine-tuned measuring devices to set up and calibrate the machines. But the technicians from KIRSCH + MAUSSER have something else that no electronic sensor can compete with – eyes, hands, and a passion for outstanding coffee. Preassembly and final assembly by hand represent the starting point and the completion of a bespoke roasting machine. From assembling the first components to programming the control system, there is simply no room for compromise. No wonder, then, that our employees find it difficult to part with a completed roaster.

A unique character comes in many forms. KIRSCH + MAUSSER combines elegant retro design with state-of-the-art technology to create exceptional coffee roasters.