The UG retro and G45 retro come as standard with a manual control system and thermocouples for monitoring the supply air, product, and exhaust air temperatures. Alternatively, the manual control system can be replaced with a semi-automatic version. In addition, a fully automatic control solution is available for the G45 retro. Both the semi- and fully automatic control systems allow you to create, edit, analyze, save, and access roasting profiles.

The control solutions of the UG retro and G45 retro offer these and additional benefits:

  • Convenient operation via touch panel directly at the roaster; saved settings are reproduced safely and automatically (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Recipe management allows you to save and assign custom names to a total of 20 user-definable recipes (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Six temperature levels can be defined in advance for each recipe (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Roasting process including peripherals displayed on the touch panel (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Visualization of the roasting process as a product temperature curve (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Target and actual temperatures as well as all other relevant roasting parameters are monitored completely automatically, and the roasting supply air temperature and quantities are adjusted as required (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • The semiautomated control system is equipped with two resistance elements (potentiometers) that allow the operator to mechanically adjust the airflow and burner output at increments of 1%


From time to time, data needs to be shared between different software/web applications. Individual software systems can be connected to each other by interfaces. The UG retro and G45 retro control software also offers standard interfaces to the external software systems from Artisan and Cropster:


In addition to the UG retro and G45 retro, KIRSCH + MAUSSER offers a range of accessories perfectly matched to the respective roaster. All of the components stand out for their ease of operation.


The KIRSCH + MAUSSER green coffee conveyors are used to conveniently feed green coffee into the UG retro and G45 retro feed hoppers. To do so, a bag of coffee beans is emptied into a knee-high hopper and the feeding system is then activated by a controller. Once the green coffee reaches the feed hopper, it is fed into the drum when the roasting temperature has been reached. In addition to the standard pneumatic feeding system, KIRSCH + MAUSSER offers the option of feeding the roaster using a green-coffee conveyor belt, which reduces the overall height of the system. In addition, feeding by conveyor belt is quieter than pneumatic feeding.


KIRSCH + MAUSSER destoners reliably remove foreign objects with a higher specific weight than roasted coffee. This reduces the risk of mechanical damage to downstream processing units, such as grinders, and increases the quality of the final product. We recommend permanently installing a destoner for all roasters with a batch size of 45 kilograms or more. To separate heavier foreign particles, such as stones, glass, or metal, from the roasted coffee, a fan draws air through the destoner into the collection container. If the airflow is adjusted correctly, only the roasted coffee is drawn in.


In cooperation with Weishaupt, KIRSCH + MAUSSER offers afterbruners specially designed to treat the visible gases released during the roasting process. With these systems, the roasting exhaust air is heated to a temperature of approx. 450°C by means of an additional fan burner. The increase in temperature and contact with the burner’s flame reduces visible roasting gases and keeps odor emissions to a minimum.