Just like any other KIRSCH + MAUSSER roasting machine, the roasters of the G series are also based on the drum roasting method: special shovel blades inside a horizontally lying, rotating roasting drum ensure even mixing of the beans during the roasting process and a homogeneous product. As standard, the G roasters with batch capacities ranging between 60 and 120 kg, are equipped with pneumatic operated opening flaps on the bean container, roasting drum and cooling sieve outlet. These functions allow for reliable processing of green and roasted coffee and are controlled by either simply pressing a button on the control panel or fully-automatic.



The ideal diameter-length ratio of the roasting drum of the G roasters guarantees a homogeneous heat transfer onto the beans during the roasting process. In addition, the G roasters offer the following benefits:

  • even mixing of the coffee beans inside the roasting drum
  • Frequency converter to adjust roasting air volume
  • precise air flow thanks to the traditional ‘flavor wheel’
  • intensive cooling
  • powerful fans
  • reproducible product quality
  • independent drives for the drum, mixer as well as roasting and cooling fan
  • additional separate cooling sieve outlet
  • easy to clean thanks to large maintenance openings
  • reduced emissions thanks to additional cooling exhaust air cyclone


Batch size (kg)
20 - 65
Roasting times (min)
10 - 20
Roasting capacity (kg/h)
100 - 195
Batch size (kg)
25 - 80
Roasting times (min)
10 - 20
Roasting capacity (kg/h)
125 - 240
Batch size (kg)
30 - 95
Roasting times (min)
10 - 20
Roasting capacity (kg/h)
150 - 285
Batch size (kg)
60 - 120
Roasting times (min)
10 - 20
Roasting capacity (kg/h)
240 - 360


The G roasters are equipped with thermocouples as standard to document the supply air, product and exhaust air temperature. The basic version is controlled manually. Optionally, the G roasters can be equipped with a semi- or fully automatic control solution with a touch panel.

  • Recipe management with up to 20 user-definable recipes; saved setting can be reproduced safely and automatically (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Visualization of the roasting curve on the touch screen (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Burner output can be selected manually or automatically from a recipe (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Interface for external software systems from Artisan and Cropster (semi- and fully-automatic control solution)
  • Process safety through pneumatic opening flaps on the bean container, roasting drum and cooling sieve outlet (semi- and fully-automatic control solution)
  • additional protective cover on the cooling sieve ( fully-automatic control solution)
  • Emergency water quenching for the roasting drum (fully-automatic control solution)
  • additional water quenching for the chaff collection container of the roasting cyclone (fully-automatic control solution)
  • automatic heat switch-off when the desired final temperature is reached
  • automatic safety shutdown of the burner when the temperature limit is reached


The burner used in the G roasters can be configured for use with natural gas or propane, depending on customer requirements, and stands out due to the following features:

  • high capacity
  • continuously adjustable for a more flexible roasting process
  • state-of-the-art safety technology, including gas and flame monitoring

The G`s roasting cyclone features a large, wheeled chaff collection container made of aluminium, making it light and easy to empty. In addition, the cyclone offers the following features:

  • individually adjustable
  • manual emergency water quenching for the chaff collection container

The G roasters come as standard with an additional cyclone for the cooling exhaust air. This extra exhaust air treatment keeps the amount of dust particles that enter the environment to a minimum.

Even in the basic version, the roasting fan of the G roasters is equipped with a frequency converter. In addition, it stands out due to its particularly high performance and  connectivity to an exhaust air treatment system.


The KRISCH + MAUSSER green coffee conveyors make it extremely easy to feed green coffee into the feed hoppers of the G roasters.

To further treat the visible exhaust gases released during roasting, the G roasters can be equipped with an afterburner specially designed for this process.

KIRSCH + MAUSSER destoners reliably remove foreign objects with a higher specific wieght than roasted coffee.