For KIRSCH + MAUSSER customers, the company’s product range is the foundation of their success. To help them achieve the very best performance, our team of experts supports them every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the commissioning. The qualified and highly motivated KIRSCH + MAUSSER team is available to customers either in person or on the phone.


KIRSCH + MAUSSER ensures that a local electrician and gas technician can perform the steps necessary to bring a roaster into operation. Should our customers prefer to draw on the expertise and experience of our KIRSCH + MAUSSER service technicians, however, our team will be happy to bring their roaster into operation.


Preventive and proactive maintenance measures for our roasters keep the number of potential malfunctions to a minimum. In addition, regular service reduces the overall cost of a roaster and increases its maximum availability and thus productivity. In this context, KIRSCH + MAUSSER’s service technicians and spare-parts suppliers respond quickly and provide rapid on-site support.


Retrofitting or modernizing a roaster often makes more sense than replacing it with a new one. In this process, the roaster is brought back up to date by replacing obsolete parts with state-of-the-art components. KIRSCH + MAUSSER offers its customers an extensive range of retrofit services to equip their roasters with the latest technology. Components such as new controllers, separate drives, powerful fans, burner systems, and supplementary thermocouples make your roaster more efficient and productive than ever before.