Here and now.

What we do.

Concentration on the essentials – on the construction of great roasting machines.

It's the machines that turn coffee into a stimulant in the first place – roasting machines. They transform inedible green-grey beans into aromatic brown ones. Seven out of ten cups of coffee drunk on this planet have been roasted on machines from the Emmerich Probat works. Jacobs, Tchibo, Aldi, Nestlé, Starbucks, Lavazza and many more trust the traditional company from the Lower Rhine region.

KIRSCH+MAUSSER GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of GALENUSWERK GmbH, a member of the PROBAT Group.

Today, KIRSCH+MAUSSER focuses on the following areas:

   General overhauled roasting machines Type L, UG, G, retro

   Roasting machines production for Probat

Brennkammer der UG15/22 von Kirsch und Mausser