company history

from 1908 to 2018


Kirsch & Mausser were founded in 1908 in Heilbronn by the gentlemen

W. Kirsch and E. Mausser was founded.

From the very beginning, the manufacturing programme included general mechanical engineering and, in particular, plants for the treatment and processing of foodstuffs. Coffee roasters were also developed, manufactured and sold.


Initially they were ball roasters. However, new technologies were developed to bring a new generation of roasters to the market in the coffee finishing sector.

In 1931 Kirsch & Mausser succeeded with the model "Record", a revolutionary new development. The "Record" was the first fast roaster worldwide.

In 1934 PROBAT took over Kirsch & Mausser and thus also secured the rights to the roasters developed by Kirsch & Mausser.

After the takeover of Kirsch & Mausser, the administration was relocated to Emmerich. Production initially remained in Heilbronn until it was discontinued after the war. From 1945 onwards, Kirsch & Mausser was initially inactive.


In 1970 Kirsch & Mausser became active again.

The main task was again the development and production of new roasters for PROBAT. 
In addition, spare parts for existing roasting plants were manufactured.

At the same time, Minke approached Kirsch & Mausser to find various technical solutions. Together with Minke, thermoformers were developed for the orthopaedic industry.


In the most different fields of application cooperations were entered and special solutions were developed. For example, a special machine for the production of plastic mats for biological water treatment was developed for the company Babcock in Oberhausen.